The Heresy of The International Churches of Christ

You probably never heard of this organization unless it was online or you were caught on Mill Ave in Tempe, but they are growing. ICOC correctly values disciples of Jesus as critical workers of God’s kingdom. However, among their heresies, they are cessationists—they have a botched understanding of the spiritual realm and deny that God’s spirit moves miraculously today—which is a critical issue because in order to be born again one must have God’s spirit whom God now freely offers because of the work He did through Jesus on the cross. And that is God’s kingdom. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit (in the spiritual realm) and in truth (sincerely, honestly, and without deception). Rather, they believe that in order to be saved you must be a disciple, and to be a disciple you must have a discipler above you and you must have a disciple below you, and each must adhere to the lifestyle structure of the Bible in a legalistic fashion. And that, they say, is God’s real kingdom. They are a pyramid, and in practice they are a legalistic cult by that term’s definition.