The Heresy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Mormons, or “LDS” as they prefer to be called, purport to love the Bible, but actually the Bible is not their primary text as Scripture. Just as Muslims (followers of Islam) have with their Qur`an, Mormons have a completely different text, called The Book of Mormon, and that is their scripture. The Book of Mormon is based loosely on the theology of the Bible, but there are critical incompatibilities, which Mormons argue that when it comes to disagreements between the Bible versus The Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon wins; therefore, Mormonism is heresy. One of the greatest of the heresies is the botched understanding of who God is. In the Bible, God (Hebrew “YHWH”, which means “to be”, or “He who is”, or “I Am”) created time and space, all of reality was conceived of by Him and He contains everything, from beginning to end. Jesus is the personality of the same God, who came in flesh (hence the “deity of Christ” discussion earlier), who died on behalf of our sin and resurrected, so that we could have an eternal relationship with Him. But in The Book of Mormon, God the Father is an alien who lives on the planet Kolob with multiple wives, Jesus was his child (and so was Satan, so Jesus and Satan are brothers), and humanity’s role in the universe is to procreate in order to be rulers of planets.